Tailored Decision Support

PCG, LLC is a management consulting practice in the Washington, D.C. metro area serving public and private sector clients of every size.  Your decision requirements cover everything from strategic planning and investment to efficiency improvements and organizational changes.   You need decision support that is individual and tailored to your goals, circumstances and constraints rather than one size fits all systems or approaches.    We are proven experts in providing that support and helping guide clients around obstacles to success.

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PCG, LLC provides tailored consulting services to clients ranging from U.S. Federal Agencies to medium-sized firms. PCG, LLC can deliver this unique support to help meet your requirements as well.

Consulting for Success

PCG offers a wealth of unique management and executive-level experience that can help you make the best decisions possible.  We provide management and advisory services, performance assessment and management, organizational consulting, and risk assessment and management, as well as business strategy design and implementation.

Optimizing Your Business Performance

Our aim is to align your organization’s practices with your strategic goals, while enhancing how you achieve performance goals day-to-day. PCG gives your organization the tools and support needed to help you get there quickly and efficiently.