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PCG, LLC is a strategic organizational and management consulting practice in the Washington, D.C. metro area serving large and small public and private sector clients.

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William Moore

Mr. Moore founded PCG, LLC to help organizations improve performance. Mr. Moore combines 24 years of successful strategic planning and organizational change management experience at senior levels in the U.S. Federal Government with a deep understanding of the human element which drives any organization.

Mr. Moore provides a unique perspective gained through extensive international experience and a proven rack record of building effective multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to achieve focused objectives within limited resources to client challenges.

Mr. Moore has provided strategic assessment and review, developed enterprise level operating procedures and created performance measurement systems to clients that have improved performance and outcomes across large organizations.

Mr. Moore received a BA in economics from Dartmouth College and a MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

PCG, LLC is an management and organizational consulting company based out of the Washington, D.C. metro area serving clients with risk assessment, management consulting, strategic planning and organizational enhancement services. Contact us today at query@pcgllc.org.

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