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PCG, LLC provides assessments, plans and advice you can actually use to improve your organization’s performance.

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Management Advisory Services

Effective management is at the core of every successful enterprise, from small businesses to the largest corporations. We recognize the unique challenges facing your organization’s path to improved organization and how the right management serves as the link between ideal performance and realizing your long-term strategy.

PCG conducts assessments and consultations that walk clients through the process of improving their management techniques and how they gain insight for achieving future success.

Performance Assessment & Management

Performance is all about people and performance measurement is all about encouraging behaviors that optimize organizational objectives. Talent in any organization ultimately determines organizational performance, perhaps helped or hindered by organizational structure, technology and processes. Whom you hire, where you put people, what you ask them to do, and how you develop them will be the most important factor in the long term success of your organization.

PCG’s proven ability to measure the right performance for the organization in the right way can help maximize the performance of the workforce and ultimately the organization.

Organizational Consulting

Improving any organization involves change. PCG helps clients design and implement change on their terms before internal failure or external pressures force change. Are the organization’s governance structures, work flow, businesses processes and reward systems aligned? Are you asking people to produce better, but actually rewarding those who produce more? Does improvement require a cultural change or perhaps a return to the organization’s core values and strengths? How is the necessary change communicated, implemented and assessed?

PCG’s extensive experience in process review, organizational design and change management can help make changes successful.

Risk Assessment & Management

Understanding the risks that face an organization is just one side of risk management; it is vital to employ a strategy for mitigating those risks and planning for their contingencies. Risks can take the forms of internal and external issues, such as underperforming security or susceptibility to outside threats.

Whether an organization is seeking to identify and plan for cyber security vulnerabilities or challenges to business strategy, PCG works closely with clients to prepare for changing circumstances.

Strategy Design & Implementation

Strategic planning is an easy concept, but difficult to accomplish. What talent is available in the short and long term? How much time and other resources are available? What are your organizational values and culture? Is there a clear vision of what the organization is and where the organization could be?

PCG excels at helping clients define a vision if necessary and translate that vision into a workable strategic plan. Improvement starts with a vision for a better performing organization.

Contact PCG, LLC's team of expert strategic planning consultants today to learn how your organization can benefit from enhanced strategy, risk assessment and management, organization consulting and other professional consulting services. PCG is based out of the Washington, D.C. metro area. Contact us today at query@pcgllc.org or call 202.713.6059.

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